If you are not sure which product you require we would suggest ordering samples before placing an order, particularly if you are trying to match an existing product or are unsure of size and colour. Our photographs should only be used as a guide as all materials are naturally sourced so there can be variation in size and colour.

PLEASE NOTE:  There is a slight delay with couriers collecting our samples and dispatching at the moment, some companies are taking up to 2 weeks to collect our samples and deliver them.

You can order a sample of most of our aggregates by emailing us the product description or reference number located on the product page and providing the name of the courier you are using and of course your delivery eircode. Please remember to include your full name and address of where you want your sample sent.

Smaller samples for products such as gravel and pebbles usually cost around €6.50 which covers postage and packaging (check with courier). For this you receive approximately 200g which is a small handful to give you an idea of colour and size.
Larger samples for products such as cobbles are usually around €10.50. (check with courier) For this you receive approximately 2kg, however please be aware that in some instances this is only 1 cobble if the stone is large and heavy.

All sample deliveries are paid for by the customer and delivery is arranged between the customer and the courier. We will email you once your sample is packaged and ready for collection at our depot.


Stone Disclaimer

Sandstone, Plum Slate, Limestone and Granite are products of nature and have been quarried from all over the world. As natural products, they are prone to variations in color, texture, shade and veining that may differ from the samples shown. Variations in natural products are not considered flaws of natural stone but may occur as a result of the type of stone being used, as well as the current quarry conditions. These differences and variations in the stone should be considered as the beauty of natural stone instead of flaws. No two pieces of natural stone are alike. Always request samples of present stock as variations in material may occur without notice.

Please Note

Bulk stone is washed using equipment at the quarry and usually requires cleansing to reveal its full natural colors. When used for a pathway, driveway or flowerbed, rainfall will normally achieve this or you can simply run a hose to clean the stone of dust.