20 Ton Bulk Load Glenview Stone Mulch


Stone Size: 30-55mm
Quantity: 20 Ton Loose Load 20,000 Kgs
Approximate Cover: 240m2

For use as a decorative aggregate for your garden, not suitable for a path or driveway.
Bulk 20 tonne loose load, please ensure minimum gate access is 10ft.
Order Ref No: SDGSM-20T

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With all naturally quarried products there will always be an element of dust on all materials. The dust can be cleared by simply hosing the materials once laid or letting nature take its course by letting the dust wash away over time with rainfall.  As all our products are naturally quarried there can be colour variations as well as size variations dependent on the formation of the mineral in the quarry at any given time. Most of our products have been mechanically screened through meshes of the size specified. However, any screening process can only separate within two dimensions width or length, meaning any screened products may consequently contain particles with one longer dimension than the sizing specified, if it has gone through width ways.

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